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Message from the Administrator

Heather Heights of Pittsford, Inc.

Sherry Hoose,
Administrator/General Manager

Happy July, Heather Heights! On June 15th during our Annual Family Picnic, and even though it was a bit rainy, we had a wonderful evening with everyone! We were lucky to be chosen by the University of Rochester Eastman Dental program for their SMILEmobile, mobile dental services. Some of you and your families had the opportunity to tour the SMILEmobile and see it is well-equipped with three operatory areas and even an x-ray machine. This program provides services such as; dental cleanings, fillings, extractions, x-rays, dentures and more! If you do not have dental insurance, they will provide services based on a resident’s income. No one will be turned away for dental services with the SMILEmobile’s amazing coverage. If you are interested in receiving this service, please contact our front desk for more information and to fill out a registration form. The SMILEmobile will start services at our community in August, so get your registration form in today!

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