Our highly trained staff, enhanced medical care
services and personalized care plans allow our
residents to easily and comfortably age
in place.

Care Options

Assisted Living

Our seniors experience a revitalized social life and thrive in their golden years with individualized care, all under one roof.

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Enhanced Care

Individualized, person-centered care that enables our residents to feel safe and comfortable in their everyday routines.

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Memory Care

Specialized care for seniors facing challenges associated with Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of memory impairment.

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Respite Care

Enjoy all the benefits of senior living like medical care, dining and social activities for a temporary period of time.

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Enhanced Care

100% of Our Beds are Licensed for Enhanced Care

Age in Place

Many senior living facilities do not have the capabilities to adjust their care when a resident’s health changes or declines, and we know how frustrating it can be to have to move in and out of different buildings. Our levels of care allow us to adjust care plans as medical needs change to provide the best opportunity to stay with us, without having to change buildings.

Age Together

Many couples who have spent their entire lives together may start to experience different needs in the late stages of life. With our care model, they can continue making memories together and receive individualized levels of care, all under one roof.

Standard of care

A Higher Standard of Care

We only hire people that have a passion for caring for others. We are dedicated to providing a safe, and meaningful environment where your loved one will always feel like the staff that is taking care of them are extended members of their own family.

Our highly trained staff members are onboarded and trained directly by our Director of Personal Care, not by a third party staffing agency, and all of our LPN’s are licensed by NY state. Our dedicated team provides individualized care plans that balance physical well-being, safety and overall health while encouraging the ability to maintain one’s independence.

  • Nurses On-Site 24/7

    Licensed nursing professionals on-site, at all times. Many other facilities will only have nurses on call. We keep a certified nursing professional on-site 24/7 to ensure that should a medical need arise, we are able to address it at any hour of the day or night.

  • Provider Choice

    Routines are a staple of a healthy life, and we want to ensure our residents can continue the ones they had prior to moving in with us, which is why residents can choose to keep their personal physician, if they so please.

  • Scheduled Medical Transportation

    Provided for the convenience of our residents and their loved ones

  • Top-notch Care

    Fox Rehab and Heather Heights Assisted Living have teamed up to offer enhanced rehabilitation services to residents. Fox Rehab is operating within Heather Heights, providing top-notch care to help residents regain strength and independence. They offer specialized programs like FOX Restoring Balance, which focuses on preventing falls, and FOX Restoring Life, a unique approach to dementia care that emphasizes quality of life and dignity.

  • Concierge Services

    Mobile podiatry services.

  • Quality Assurance

    Expert oversight from our Director of Quality Assurance, Joann Kulniszewski, and her team working to promote the best possible resident outcomes.

Medical Partnership

Hands-On Oversight

By our Medical Director, Dr. Howd of UR Medicine Geriatrics Group and staff who specialize in
geriatric medicine.

At Heather Heights, our residents have the opportunity to keep their current physician, but if they wish to switch to Dr. Howd, they will gain the added benefit of Telemedicine which includes:

• Access to a doctor without leaving the comforts of our community

• Reduction of unnecessary emergency room visits

• Immediate treatment decisions on site

• Access to 24/7 communication with a doctor

Not Sure What Type of Care is Needed?