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Message from the Heather Heights Team

Heather Heights of Pittsford, Inc.

Meghan Little,
Marketing Director

Admit you’re happy in the month of August! This month is national peach and admit you’re happy month, and we want to take advantage of both. Heather Heights is going through a few transitions, but we will continue to be joyful through all of them. We want to thank all of our residents, families and friends who came out to our annual picnic the end of last month! Our team had a wonderful time, and we hope you did too. Even with summer coming to an end, the heat is still climbing and we want to make sure that everyone is getting enough fluids and staying cool. Enjoy desserts and appetizers at our happy hours this month featuring fresh, local peaches! The Rochester Public Market is brimming with juicy peaches, and we cannot wait to eat some. This month the Rochester community is celebrating the Park Avenue Festival, and next month is the Clothesline Festival. This September Heather Heights will be hosting, “Taste of Roc: The Best of the Festivals”, which will be our own unique spin on the Greek Festival, The Jazz Festival, The Lilac Festival and the Clothesline Festival. Each station will have our chefs’ personal take on classic dishes found at these festivals; live jazz musicians will entertain while our residents’ artwork is displayed. Look for an invitation coming soon with more information for the date and time. On August 8th we are doing a community wide baking competition. Andy and two of our chefs are teaming up with a neighborhood and having a dessert bake off! Representatives from each department will be our panel of judges to determine the best dessert. The winner will receive a certificate to display at their nurse’s station. Join us at 1pm on August 8th for the revelries to begin! We truly hope you and your loved ones have had a relaxing and wonderful summer season, and are excited for another great month here at Heather Heights. -The Heather Heights Team

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