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Message from the Administrator

Heather Heights of Pittsford, Inc.

Sherry Hoose,
Administrator/General Manager

Spring is finally here! This season promises us the opportunity to once again see new life develop as our plants, trees and fields begin to turn green, grow and flourish. Many of our departments are also bringing ‘new life’ to their departments with additional programming and new, vibrant ideas! Our Recreation Department has worked to develop programs for the assisted living area offering smaller more intimate groups to engage in activities that will further stimulate a resident’s body and mind, which contributes to their overall well-being. Susan has also been coordinating with our Memory Care Coordinator, Jaime, to further develop programming within the Memory Care Neighborhood. In fact, we have also invited families from our Memory Care Family Council to join our brainstorming sessions and many family members have provided wonderful ideas for recreation. Special thanks to family member, Sarah Orgass, who volunteers and provides a weekly special activity, “Time Slips” in our Memory Care Neighborhood. We appreciate the hours and time our families provide to us and welcome any additional contributions to our programming!

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