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Family & Resident Testimonials

"My brothers and I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful and loving care of our mother. Your understanding of her special medicines and your extraordinary kindness was far beyond any kind of attention one might expect at a busy healthcare residence. My mother spent her whole life in fear of living in any kind of healthcare center. If only she could have known that you would be there, as well as others who have worked with you, she never would have been fearful at all. You were more patient than any of us in the family ever could have been and for that we are incredibly grateful. Thank you!"

James, Family Member

"Over the years, I have gotten very close to my nurse. She always shows interest in my health and makes me laugh. I enjoy how we always just talk when she comes in: she is a warm and caring person and such fun to be around. After a weekend she comes in and we joke and share family stories. She’s a grandma now! I couldn’t be happier for her!"

Joan, Resident

"Heather Heights is a wonderful place to live. The dining service is impeccable and the food is great. Everyone is friendly and caring, and Heather Heights has a wonderful social atmosphere - there is always something to do or someone to talk to. The staff is always there to help you or guide you to the right place. I highly recommend Heather Heights to anyone."

Jennifer, Family Member

"I can't tell you how relieved and happy I am to see that my mom is loved and looked after so well at your residence. My mom, a woman who loved all of us fiercely and provided the highest standard of care for her three children, husband, mother-in-law and any number of waifs and strays who were welcomed into our home, now needs a great deal of care herself. There is not a day that goes by when I don't think of her, pray for her and miss her very much.

My mother's condition means that telephone conversations are difficult and distressing for her so I don't call anymore. But I care about her well being intensely, and I am very grateful for the care she has received with your staff.

I still write letters to Mom and actually spoke to her on the phone when my brother, Dan, brought her to his house recently. It was a great privilege to hear my mother's voice again, telling me she loved me completely from the day I was born, and that she is proud of me and pleased with how I am raising my three children.

The people on staff at Heather Heights are warm, kind and very professional whenever I have rung up. They have always reassured me that I may telephone whenever I like to check on my Mom's progress. They praise my mother for her positive cheerfulness and empathy and kindness to other residents.

If only I could tell you all the wonderful things she did with her life - she really is a uniquely amazing woman. I miss her, but I carry all the things she believed were important in this life with me: caring for others, laughing through hard times, always having a "plan B," and standing up for what you believe in. Those will be some big shoes to fill. I hope I'm up to it. Thank you."

Betty, Family Member

"I am not sure if my mom realizes all that the nurses do for her all day, every day, but we sure do. I think she just feels very secure and safe. Just the other day, there was a thunderstorm in the middle of the night and my mom got up and was a little anxious so she called me. I immediately called the nursing desk and they went to reassure her that she was safe. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we didn't have to wait until morning to get her taken care of. She went right back to sleep! My brother who lives in Florida always tells us how comforting it is for him to know that she is never alone."

William, Family Member

"The exercise class is my favorite. It gets the joints moving and makes you feel more alive!"

Dorothy, Resident

"I love the live music that they always have for us here. I just wish there was a little more Rock and Roll. But, I bet if I tell someone, there will be Rock and Roll soon! They always listen to our suggestions."

Albert, Resident

"I try to limit myself to getting ice cream just once or twice a week, but then I see it or someone will offer to bring me a dish and my will power is gone! I figure at my age, I deserve it more than once or twice a week."

Eliza, Resident

"I want to thank you, on behalf of my whole family, for the wonderful care you have given my mom over the last several years. When she initially arrived it was a difficult transition, but soon she really came to feel that Heather Heights of Pittsford was her home. She was calm and comfortable. Thanks for all the care and love you have given her."

Patty, Family Member

"After living in a single apartment dwelling for twenty years, I began looking into the field of Assisted Living. I found what suited me perfectly and all of the amenities I was looking for. I would recommend Heather Heights of Pittsford to anyone looking for easy living in a polite atmosphere. My favorites are the lovely dining room, transportation, 24-hour nursing care, and the very attractive grounds."

Gary, Resident

"When I eat my meals in the dining room, I feel like I am at one of the nicest restaurants in town. And whenever I have had my family over to 'my house' for a meal in the private dining room, I feel like I have taken them out to a classy restaurant!"

Larry, Resident

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