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New Reading Service Offered for Visually Impaired Residents


The Heather Heights Recreation team is excited to introduce a new service for visually impaired residents who still wish to remain active readers. Thanks to the New York State Library, part of the NYS Department of Education, a digital download library of 50,000 books is now available 24/7  No longer do you have to remember to mail back your books and wait days to receive new selections. Each person participating receives a digital reader with headphones, and a blank digital storage cartridge to store their books or magazines. We simply log on to the library website, plug the cartridge into the computer, search for a good book, download it onto the cartridge (takes minutes), insert the cartridge into the reader, and enjoy a good read. When the book is finished, we can load a new book onto the same cartridge … nothing to mail! The Recreation staff assists each member with searching and downloading. Twice a week, we hold an audio book club meeting where we assist those who need help with the machines to read a chapter and then discuss their book. Ask any Rec. team member for details. We are proud to offer this free service for our residents!

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